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Lake Conroe Sailing Association

30 Years of Sailing Lake Conroe

LCSA  Racing Procedure:

As our regular racing members are aware, there are days when a committee boat is not available for our racing.  Many possible reasons why, boat availability, mechanical difficulties, not enough crew to man the boat safely, weather, etc.  Though the committee boat and volunteers are a great asset to our racing experience, and well appreciated, things happen.  In the event the message goes out that there is no committee boat tonight it does not mean that you racers have the night off.  The saying goes; If there are two boats on the water it is a race! 

We now have a procedure to cover such events as follows:

Weekly Race Procedure without a committee boat present.

1.  Everyone will show at the docks or your boat as normal.

2.  The final decision will be made if conditions are safe to conduct a non-committee boat race.

          a. A non-committee boat race means there will not be an official at the start, or official timer, or markers.

3.  Each boat captain will be responsible for their start time, and finish time on the honors system.

          a. The start time will be 6:00 pm.

          b. The start line will be a line of sight between The Light House at Seven Coves on the East Shore and the                  Flag Pole at Walden Yacht Club on the West Shore.

          c. The rounding mark is Ayers Island south point.

              Note:  Be watchful of the depth around the island, especially the beach area on the east shore and a long                           shallow point to the north.

          d. The finish line is back to the start line, the line of sight between The Light House at Seven Coves and the                Flag Pole at Walden Yacht Club.

          e. The captain will document his or her race time.

          f.  Upon completion of the race if possible note the boat names in front and behind at the finish.

4.  After your finish proceed back to the docks to celebrate a successful finish to a great evening on the water.