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Committee Boat Instructions! (problems call BeaAnn Kelly 832-293-9654) Please get to the committee boat 45-60minutes before start of the race. The CB is located next to where the Southern Empress is moored, it's the pontoon boat with "Just Fun Rentals" on the blue sign on the side of the boat, it's usually the only one there.  The boat keys are usually in the rental office, just go in and ask, if the office is closed, they will leave the keys either on the gas bottle nozzle in the tall tan locker to the right of the office entry door (use your toe to unlatch it at the bottom), or the keys will be in the boat.  The black/yellow box containing the racing stuff is on the pier to the right of the office entrance door. Inside the box are 3 black bags with all the equipment we need, and next to the box is the orange float we use for the start line.  The larger orange float, which is used for the Southern (island) mark is in the storage closet next to the restroom that you passed on your left on your way to the black/yellow box.  The door to the storage closet may be left open, if not, the key is on the same key chain that the boat key is on (this key also opens the rest room). The anchor for the boat is already on the boat. The mushroom anchors and 100' of yellow lines for the floats are in the black bags. No need to take the box to the boat, just the black bags.  The tall tan locker also has the shepherd's hook for marker retrieval, not absolutely necessary but worth taking along.  On the boat itself you will find the key receptacle, it works just like old style car ignitions do, insert key, turn right. There may be a master electrical switch located on the starboard side of the CB, at the rear, turn it 90 degrees for on.  Set the Southern yellow float first about 150-200 yards West of the island. Set the orange float about 100 yards from the lighthouse and try to set the CB at least 100+ yards further out than that, lined up with the light house. The alignment isn't so critical, the idea is to have the start line roughly running East-West. Experience shows we need to use all or almost all of the anchor line as the water is quite deep out there.  Record all the information on the clipboard inside the black bag, and someone needs to get it to me, either scan and send it, or manually write the info in an email, or take a really good picture and send me that.  Put everything back, in reverse order from the way it came.  Lock the door to the storage closet from the inside door knob. The rental office will not be open, so just hang the boat keys on the nozzle of the gas bottle in the tan locker. It may appear that the steel gate to the rental office is closed and locked, but the padlock won't be secured. Please make sure the boat is tied up securely, and leave the boat anchor on the boat where you found it. Lock the gate when you leave! 

---Racing Mistress BeaAnn Kelly!


Committee Boat Instructions!

(from your racing Mistress BeaAnn!)